Sito ufficiale dell'Associazione Culturale Ricercatori Moda d'Epoca.

Absolute première movie installation by American visual artist DarkAngel0ne, next 9-11 February at Vintage Workshop® Milano

The 40th edition of the expo show "Vintage Workshop® Milano S/Summer Trends Forecasts" will be will have its première at the Palazzo delle Stelline in the city centre of Milano next February 9-11 with opening times 9am through 8 pm non-stop and free admission.

The event will exhibit a whole research selection of Vintage period purses, shoes, belts, buckles, swimwear, huts and many more accessories for sell and rend with immediate pick-up on the spot. 

Vintage Workshop is
pre-eminently dedicated to an audience of fashion pros, designers, buyers, stylists, textile product managers and fashion cool hunters but in recent editions the show has opened his doors to the private public as well. Vintage fans consider the show a heaven on earth as it discloses old Vintage archive and highly collectable exemplars, one of a kind pieces that are highly sought after for their uniqueness or rarity and a high stylistic meaning. All the items on show are authentic and genuine Vintage.


There will be a common idea that leads the entire expo and sale: “Ricercatori Moda D’epoca,” the Association of the Italian Vintage Fashion Hunters that organized the event, calls it “Sharing Concept”. This simply means, the best things in life can be obtained by learning how to share experiences and passions.


This impetus and forward-thinking lead Angela Eupani, founder of the Vintage Workshop® project, to write a screenplay titled “Illuminated Survivors of the Third Millennium.” With tenacious enthusiasm, she dared to propose the project to the biggest and most original “digital” visual artist in the world; Native-American, DarkAngel0ne aka RedHawk. Regarded as one of the most glorified video creators in the genre of avant-garde music, he has collaborated with musicians:

Bruce Ruffin, Gary Numan, Muse and other artists,photographers and art directors worldwide. RedHawk developed his technique through the implementation of continuous experimentation.  It begins with static images and photographs which he processes to give movement and constant change through digital painting techniques. Techniques that call into question the concept of time. A picture can stop or freeze time, but he manages to give a sense of perpetual transformation, an unstoppable history that never repeats itself.


The application of this special painting technique and digital morphing, which can take DarkAngel0ne several hours or even days to finalize a single picture, leads to such amazing results- transforming two-dimensional images  into a constant visionary and dreamy metamorphosis of 3D art.


Even the unreleased soundtrack deserves special recognition as it too was created through the concept of "free sharing." It not only brought together a dozen artists and musicians of various genres: martial Hardcore, Industrial, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock and even atmospheric Folk for the final sequence; but these artists ranged geographically- from The Russian Federation,  to Holland, Great Britain, to Italy and The United States. 


They were fused together by inspirational magic that only great men and maestros like RedHawk can share, and all this for a Not-For-Profit organization.


From this collaboration a new international movie production was birthed, a visual and musical narrative that includes some of the Industrial, Martial Post-Punk, Steam Punk and new Urban Cyber themes that the Vintage Workshop® suggests for life and for the future fashion styles.


The first episode of what promises to become an epic visionary film will be presented at Palazzo delle Stelline, under the title “CYS, Cyber Citizens in the World Through My Eyes.” It initiates Sunday the 9th of February at 6pm and concludes on Tuesday the 11th, same day as the opening day of MILANOUNICA, with a special Vintage Shopping Show for stylists, designers and creators all day long and a special presentation with welcome cocktail and a projection of the above described music movie on a mega screen installation inside the exhibition Hall Solari at the Stelline Palace from 5:30pm to 8pm. Entrance is free.



For further info, press release, detailed programme, maps, public transportation to reach the central show location, please refer to the official Web site:

Released on Feb. 6 by the Italian Association of the Vintage Fashion Hunters, Press office Marketing and Communication Perla