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for Luxury Fashion

Especially targeted at a very demanding audience of fashion pros, designers, stylists, buyers and manufacturers of purses, shoes, accessories and/or metal ware fashion parts, Vintage Workshop® will be back in Bologna to perform an extremely technical shopping Vintage exhibition of the highest research quality stands aimed at inspiring the future fashion collections now being projected for the S/Summer 2013 season.

The exclusive event organized by the Italian Association of the Vintage Hunters (Ricercatori Moda d'Epoca) will exhibit for sale a wide range of period accessories, shoes, purses, travel bags, belts, buckles and metal ware (studs, fastenings, hooks…) dedicated to implementing and focusing creativity for the top Haute Couture selections, to the limited editions of luxury fashion and of the extreme researches aimed at the Ready-to-Wear catwalks.

This technical event, unique in its genre all over Europe, will offer a great chance to see several extraordinary exemplars, feasible to lend a variety of creativity hints, ideas, cues, atmospheres, moods and to become future "cults"; quite a lot of kinds of S/S accessories in various materials as leather, fabric, cord, linen, canvas, wood, jute, plastics from different ages and proveniences, all rather impossible to see elsewhere.

Besides, thanks to the presence of several new acquisitions by the associate "Sculptures to Wear" (collection and archives based in Vicenza up to North-eastern Italy) the collective exhibition Vintage Workshop® is able to always display a good choice of one of the European largest and most comprehensive purses and shoes collections, a selection which is steadily in progress and constantly enhanced with new assortments by its founder Angela Eupani.

For the established customers, it will also be possible to review a total new selection of recently discovered Vintage artworks, novelty one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as the rarest or most unique Archive accessories, newly acquired, that will immediately be available to rent with ready pick-up on the spot.

In the morning Vintage Workshop® will be turned into private (closed-doors) and accessible to regular clients upon individual appointment during the time range from 9am to 2pm while it will open to both public and fashion operators from 3 through to 9 pm on April 3rd as well as on April 4th. This way, the show will offer to connoisseurs, Vintage addicts, collectors, shoppers and in general to very discerning visitors extremely keen on quality original Vintage a view opportunity not to be missed.

A highly qualified skilled staff, well experienced in research Vintage will be ad disposal of all visitors for any pieces of information and knowledgeable explanation concerning the goods on display, for short-term enquiries of style consultancy or presentations as well as for any requests to organize exhibitions and workshops on different topics of period fashion.


- Usual ongoing customers (Seasons 2010-'11'12): free entrance on both days during the plenary public admission times from 3 to 9 pm or possibility to book in advance an appointment of one hour during the private closed doors admission form 9 am to 2pm on April 3rd or April the 4th (please refer and fill in the "MEETING form only customers" by choosing your wished time and if you want to enter with one or two of your colleagues, you will need to specify their name in full and job position.
Attention: meetings at set times are limited, so, be sure to book at your earliest convenience and anyway no later than March the 31st. The appointments will be granted in chronological order of arrival of the request via the Smappo virtual check-in form on a first- come-first-served basis. Please go to this link to see the times available and to eventually set a date:

- professional and private visitors, specialty stores owners (non-clients): admission fee €20/each payable on the spot with entrance in the time range from 3 to 9 pm of both days. See further on the special fare for Smappo online pre-paid tickets "Discounted TKT GENERIC VISITOR" . Possibility of fee full refund by the 1st purchase at the show location.

- Off-peak rate: 16€ gadget included for all who will pre-register and pay online via Paypal or credit cards through the Smappo "TKT GENERIC VISITOR" which will enable to access the show plenary from 3 to 9 pm. Same reduced fare for Seniors over 65 and for students attending any Fashion Institute, Fashion University Faculties, DAMS and Academies of Arts, provided they show their student badge.
The possibility of fee refund by the 1st purchase at the show location remains valid. Entrance gadget tickets for the time range from 3 to 9 p.m. on both days can be locally purchased at the show hospitality desk too, but only at the regular price of €20/each.

Opening times: see section "Admission Policy".

DATES: April 3-4 2012

Location: de luxe exhibition hall at the 1st floor of the UNAWAY HOTEL on Piazza Costituzione,1 40128 Bologna, modern 4 stars hotel just in front of the Fair main Gate "Costituzione" with free parking facilities (up to 20 cars) at only few steps (around 50m) from Linea Pelle Exhibition Center.

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Event signed by "Comunicazione e Marketing Perla", div. Press Office, special projects and Development of the cultural Association Ricercatori Moda d'Epoca.

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Infoline (via Text sms): +39 339-6729704

Released by "Comunicazione e Marketing Perla", Vicenza, 03.22.2012