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Extreme, Eccentric, Eclectic, Excessive EIGHTIES

This is the title of the first Italian exhibition entirely dedicated to the fashion of the '80's, to remind how we were and to tell to the new generations about a meaningful decade for fashion and lifestyle, an age which expressed and interpreted some important big and quick social modifications.

Milano - The exhibition, collateral to the show and sale called VINTAGE WORKSHOP® Milano, with subtitle "Only for Vintage Fashion Addicts", held every six months in Milano, will have its première next September the 21st through 23rd at the Admiral Hotel in Milano, 16 via Domodossola. On show there will be a review of the most creative whimsical fashion accessories as an impeccable mirror of times, reflecting the several changes and implications in society, economy, politics.
The aim is to represent and to explain the evocative power that fashion has always proven by letting emerging the memories of the personal and sentimental sphere of each one of us. Either for nostalgic people who profusely lived in the depths this decade, in order to let them revamp and re-evaluate the most positive aspects through a kind of environmental and wholly emotional impact, or for those who were not yet born and are discovering the Eighties right now.

It is a brilliant itinerary during ten very important years as indeed in the Eighties the modern concepts of fashion creative designer, of fashion house, of brand signature and trademark began.
A story in the most controversial though experimental decade in the history of fashion and costume that will begin from the world of accessories (purses, shoes, costume Jewelry, belts, sunglasses, hats, ties) to some little fancy clothing items as mini-skirts, jackets, scarves, tights, leggings and over-knees up to some objects now fallen into disuse (shoulder pads, hair ribbons, wool multicolour legwarmers etc.) Every one of a kind accessory will be deliberately exhibited without stuffing them with any additional images, photos or videos, in order to let emerge and emphasize their most eloquent energy.
The show will be accompanied by some explanation files and captions as panoramic snapshots above fashion, lifestyle, costume, society as a sort of manifest of those days.

Visitors will be brought back to watch some stereotypes in specific social groups who expressed them-selves with specific trends and shapes in their way of dressing up. On display, the "glam-rock style", the "post-punk & metal fashion", the "dark style" the "new wave style" that were often originated or portrayed by the coeval pop stars, by movie celebrities and by international catwalk top-models.

Finally, the exhibition will put into evidence how many and which aspects and influences by the music and fashion of the '80's are increasingly coming back to contemporary fashion and in the young consumer's habits. For this reason, in the show sector of the Vintage Workshop® especially dedicated to accessories, the Vintage fashion addicts but also the designers and fashion victims will have the opportunity to see plenty proposals of Vintage research pieces as shoes, purses, belts, buckles, scarves, underwear and other old pieces from the years '40's to the '80's proposed to give new inspirations, hints and ideas. Consequently, visitors will have a chance to discover and understand how research Vintage can be "avant-garde" as a great resource to anticipate the fashion of the future.

The project has scheduled from next winter a tour of this exhibition dedicated to the glamorous Eighties in several Italian towns and will consider international partnerships and sponsors to make its début abroad. The curator is Angela Eupani, styling consultant and Vintage fashion expert with her accessories collections called "Sculptures to Wear" and the patronage of the Italian cultural Association of the Vintage fashion hunters (Ricercatori Moda d'Epoca) whose associates have supplied the items on display.
During the rehearsals performed in the town of Lodi, Eupani said "The intent of the exhibition is educational but it also answers to a precise will of recreating and revamping the suggestions and the contradictions, the parallelisms and the differences of the most controversial and peculiar decade which traced a memorable crossing between the attitude "Power to imagination" to the more material and consumerist headline "Power of the image".

The exhibit location will be the catwalk stage of the Admiral Hotel, situated in Milano, via Domodossola, contemporaneously to the show and sale Vintage Workshop® - Special on Accessories - for
the future collections Fall/Winter 2010-2011. The admittance is free.

The collateral exhibition on the '80's will only display items on show, not on sale.

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Source: Press release by Comunicazione e Marketing Perla, Press office of the Italian cultural Association of the Fashion Vintage researchers, Ph. +39-0445-851323
Vicenza, 09/20/2009